published with  Guernica Editions  2015 

published with Guernica Editions 2015 



Driving on third, his car filled with the smell of orange peels he chucked on the empty passenger seat, the radio on, Zoo was half-listening. And when the reporter in Africa stopped talking and fell with a thud to his studio floor, this was the beginning of Zoo’s separating from himself, which soon started to feel like a cut, like wretchedness coming after actual hurt, but instead of building immediately into pain, the leave-taking turned into soft dulling. He slowed the car to stop, suddenly faint, thinking he might be sick to his stomach, confused by his own reaction, sweat now on his forehead and hands. He decided to drive on; he was nearly home after all, asking himself what could happen here?”...

The Wind has mysteriously caused the death of all people on earth -- except for Zoo. As the last remaining person on earth, he must deal with this extraordinary situation, and the result is a series of dreams, shocks, hallucinations, events, explorations and the final outcome in the light of his changing understanding.


One of Zieroth’s key strengths is an unwavering commitment to telling a tale that is as universal in its appeal as it is powerful in its delivery.

The Modern Review


[A] skill with narrative that pulls the everyday toward parable, an unusual ability to pack many nuances into small spaces, and an intelligence that sometimes moves with staggering speed.

The Fiddlehead